"Post Radio: R@dio as social media?", an international event covering radio, music and the Internet – Lisbon, March 25th

Is the first International Congress in Portugal about the future of radio, for academics, policy makers, radio professionals and artists, as well as leading figures from public service, the radio industry and related industries. Our goal is the most innovative radio congress, combining networking technology with stimulating debate, to provide the best content and findings possible, both for the speakers, participants, and all of those who cannot attend, but will join us using online platforms. It will be possible to listen to Congress sessions over our site or follow our updates using RSS, Facebook or Twitter.

Not limited to radio, R@dio in Congress is about online radio, new media and the music which binds them to establish new connections and pathways, to trace radio's identity and future. The Congress is designed to be the place to meet and discuss the future of radio, focusing on the radio industry, related industries and online media that can result in new definitions of radio. It is an event designed to bring together the industry and academia, providing a nexus for representatives from both areas, where radio can be at the centre of discussion, exibition, experience, debate and trend definition.

FREE Attendance. Register online.

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