New title announcement: Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture

Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture  situates itself at the interface of Migration Studies and Cultural Studies. The terminology and key concepts in use in discourses on migration have yet to be sufficiently theorized or understood from theoretical perspectives linked to cultural studies, although migration is intrinsically linked to questions of culture. The course of cultures at both local and global levels is crucially affected by migratory movements. In turn, culture itself is turned migrant.

This journal’s scope is global, with a predominant focus on migration and culture from the latter half of the twentieth century to the present-day. Apart from the inclusion of refereed articles, Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture also includes a section of reviews of films, music, photography, exhibitions or books on migration-related topics, interviews with cultural practitioners who focus on migration-related topics, and oral histories of migrant cultural experiences.

In addition to numerous features and a lively reviews section, the inaugural issue includes articles ‘Cinematic representations of diaspora: Italians and Jews’, ‘Moving from silence in to  speech: Palestinian refugee women speak about their lives’ and Noel B. Salazar’s ‘Towards an anthropology of cultural mobilities’.

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Title info
ISSN 20404344  | 1 issue per volume

Principle Editor
Parvati Nair (Queen Mary, University of London)

Associate Editor
Omar Garcia-Obregon (Queen Mary, University of London)

Reviews Editor
Tendayi Bloom (Queen Mary, University of London)

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