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The poster-maker, the pamphleteer and the tagger aim to sway the popular heart and mind through visual public interventions. As new technologies rise; turning the public sphere into a transparent, ubiquitous communications medium and a global marketplace; is the privileged status of the poster doomed or are we seeing it transformed as part of a new wave of visual rhetoric?  When the environment starts to become responsive to our very presence and aware of our individual nature what is the role of the 'traditional poster' delivering a classical rhetorical message? This journal aims to lead the debate.

The Poster is a forum for the study of visual rhetoric in the public sphere; a place to discuss how and why visual messages are thrust into the world and the media forms used to do so. This peer-reviewed journal stands as a vehicle for the ideas of media theorists; scholars of Cultural Studies and Cultural Materialism; for social psychologists of visual communication, for architects and designers of wayfinding schemes; for philosophers of Aesthetics and Politics, Society and Linguistics; for social scientists, anthropologists and ethnographers; for political campaigners and artist activists; for communications researchers and visual communications practitioners.

The Poster is Intellect’s third landscape format Visual Arts journal and it includes numerous images and colour plates which lend the subject matter vibrancy and impact. The inaugural issue contains articles including Clive Dilnot’s ‘Being prescient concerning Obama, or notes on the politics of configuration’ and Mofizur Rhaman’s ‘Body of the other: Constructing gender identity in anti-acid violence campaign materials in Bangladesh. The journal also includes reviews of recent publications and exhibitions.

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ISSN 20403704 | 2 issues per volume

Simon Downs
Malcolm Barnard
Mel Jordan
Jaime Gomez
Leong Chan
Helena Barbosa
Robert Harland

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