The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice has organised two exciting media education events scheduled to be held this coming September

Take a look at these two fantastic events organised by The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice:

Media Education Summit 2010 (7 and 8 September 2010) This national summit will provide valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges facing media education both now and in the future. The summit builds on previous successful meetings, both of which attracted over 150 delegates from more than 65 Higher Education Institutions, as well as government representatives.

Playful Learning September 2010
- Arranged by the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice and Futurelab (14 September 2010)

Since the earliest days of Space Invaders the desire to engage children in learning as fully as they are engaged in their game play has been a significant part of ICT but the debate has become a lot more complex. Our increased understanding of cognitive development illustrates how the problem solving of games can aid other learning tasks; children playing games at the beginning of the school day can start a cultural change whereby "being smart is cool"; children as games’ designers learn to deconstruct and critique new media; and the design of hardware, software and new learning environments embraces the need for playfulness too. We really do know that Playful Learning is highly effective.

For further information please visit the website or contact Carly Moxey,
Administrator for The Centre for Excellence.

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