Read David Bordwell's blog on Intellect's Danish Directors 2

Observations on Film Art is a fantastic blog written by film studies luminaries David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, as well as their thoughts on Intellect's recent title Danish Directors 2 there are insightful entries discussing new work by James Naremore, Steve Neale and Malcolm Turvey to name but a few.

Take a look...

"The Danish Directors, by Mette Hjort and Ib Bondebjerg, has become a standard companion to the most successful “small cinema” on the European scene. Now it has a successor in The Danish Directors 2: Dialogues on the New Danish Fictional Cinema, edited by Mette, Eva Jorholt, and Eva Novrup Redvall. Once again, we get lengthy, in-depth interviews covering the value of film education, the vagaries of funding, and filmmakers’ creative decision-making. Lone Scherfig, Christoffer Boe, Per Fly, Paprika Steen, and many other major figures are included. (Disclosure: The editors were kind enough to dedicate the book to me.)" - David Bordwell

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