Asia Exposure: East Asian Cinema in a Global Context (Coventry University, February 10-11, 2011)


A two-day international symposium on East Asian Cinema and Film Festival (sponsored by Third Window Films) organised by Spencer Murphy (Coventry University), John Berra (Nanjing University) and Colette Balmain (Coventry University) and funded by Coventry University.

The films that have emerged from East Asia in the past decade have invigorated international cinema with their originality and vitality, capturing the attention of academics and audiences alike. Asian Exposure aims to capture this vitality through a combination of formal and informal talks, film screenings at the Warwick Art Centre sponsored by Third Window Films, Q&A sessions with key directors, workshops and themed events.

•    We seek papers that represent the diversity of East Asian Cinema and engage with the films from a variety of perspectives – academic, fan based, journalism, festival management, student, distribution companies and publishing – across disciplines and countries.

•    As this symposium emerges from the work done by CUEAFS (Coventry University East Asian Film Society), one of the foremost aims of the symposium is to challenge academic boundaries and conventions in relation to the production and dissemination of knowledge. As such, we actively welcome the submission of abstracts of work-in-progress, pre-formed panels, workshops or proposed discussion sessions by students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, in addition to academics, journalists, and people involved in the consumption, promotion and distribution of East Asian Cinema.

•    The purpose of the symposium and film festival is to develop a network of people involved with the production, distribution, reception and analysis of East Asian cinema.  It is anticipated that the symposium will reflect the excitement and interest generated by the emergence of East Asian cinema onto the global screen, while also offering new insights into local productions and co-productions which have been overlooked by scholars and audiences in the West.

The main criteria are that proposals should be related to one of the four cinematic territories (China, Hong Kong, Japan or South Korea). Pre-formed panels, workshops, presentation of work-in-progress, and panels are sought. Suggested areas are below, but we welcome proposals on other areas of interest which fulfil the main purpose of the symposium.

Traditions and Directions
•    Diasporic texts/Diasporic directors
•    The auteur and the canon
•    Western co-productions and Hollywood Remakes/East Asian co-productions and remakes of Hollywood films
•    Academic approaches/theories of East Asian Cinema including questions of the transnational and the global
•    Orientalism/Occidentalism/Self-Orientalism
•    National Cinema and nationalism
•    Institution and Industry
•    Relationship between traditional arts and cinema as a mechanism of local identification and signification

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