Comics Forum 2010 - Leeds City Art Gallery

Women in Comics II (1000-1645, 18/11/2010)

Following the success of ‘Women in Comics’ held at the University of Cambridge in 2009, and the significant support of both practitioners and academics, we are delighted to be holding a second ‘Women in Comics’ Conference.
With an increasing number of female artists, writers, scholars and publishers of comics, this conference looks to celebrate women’s contributions to comics, and strengthen and investigate feminine perspectives within and surrounding comic art and narrative. What are women creating within comics? How is female readership changing and evolving? What is the interface between women in comics and gender studies?

Our guest comic artists include Suzy Varty (UK) who published the very first all-woman comic book Heroine in the UK in 1977, Maureen Burdock (USA) who recently published The F Word Project: Five Feminist Fables for the Twenty-First Century, and members of the Danish comics group Penneveninder (Penfriends) Monica Hee Eun Jensen, Rikke Hollaender, Karen Hansen and Ina Kjoelby Korneliussen.

For more details or to register your interest please contact Sarah Lightman (Department of French, University of Glasgow:


Theory and Practice: A Conference on Comics (1000-1645, 19/11/2010)

There are strong ties between the production and scholarship of comics, from the seminal works of Will Eisner in Comics and Sequential Art and Scott McCloud in Understanding Comics to the theoretically informed comics of Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan), Dan Clowes (Ghost World) and Seth (Wimbledon Green), among others. ‘Theory and Practice: A Conference on Comics’ will seek to investigate those ties, considering how comics both influence and are influenced by theoretical discourses of communication, aesthetics and narrative.

Speakers will discuss a broad range of subjects, from why creators continue to work on comics even when they are unprofitable, to Grant Morrison’s uses of theory and ideas drawn from thinkers such as Foucault and Derrida. Our plenary session will bring together scholars and artists to consider key questions surrounding the intersections between theory and practice.

Tickets for Comics Forum (comprising both Women in Comics II and Theory and Practice: A Conference on Comics) are £15 each. For more details or to register email Ian Hague (Department of History, University of Chichester) at

Comics Forum is supported by: Intellect and Studies in Comics, FREE issue available online.

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