Call For Papers: Journal of Curatorial Studies

The Journal of Curatorial Studies invites original research articles on the subject of curating and exhibitions, as well as case studies, interviews and reviews of exhibitions, conferences and books.
The Journal of Curatorial Studies is a new international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the increasing relevance of curating and its impact on exhibitions, institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture. Inviting perspectives from visual studies, art history, museum studies, critical theory, cultural studies and other academic fields, the journal encompasses a diversity of disciplinary approaches on curating and exhibitions broadly defined. By catalyzing debate and serving as a venue for the emerging discipline of curatorial studies, this journal encourages the development of the theory, practice and history of curating, as well as the analysis of exhibitions and display culture in general.
While curating as a spatialized discourse of art objects remains important, in the current era organizing an exhibition involves increasingly complex critical practices and self-reflexive methodologies. The journal promotes a wide-ranging inquiry into what constitutes “the curatorial.” This expanded cultural function of curating generates not only exhibitions for audiences to view, but also queries the nature of aesthetic experience, the authority of institutions, the formation of ideology, and the construction of knowledge. Topics of study will include investigations of current and historical exhibitions, display formats in the art context and cultures at large, curators and their oeuvres, and the political and theoretical issues influencing the production of exhibitions. The target readership of the Journal of Curatorial Studies includes scholars in curatorial studies, art history and museum studies, along with gallery and museum professionals, independent curators and art critics, and cultural theorists interested in art and display.

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Deadlines for issue 1(1):
-- Abstracts due January 15, 2011
-- Essays and Reviews due April 1, 2011
-- Issue launches in September 2011
The Journal of Curatorial Studies publishes three times a year. For subsequent issues, proposals for articles and reviews will be considered on a continuing basis.
Please send submissions and correspondence to: 
Jim Drobnick, Editor
Associate Professor, OCAD University

Jennifer Fisher, Editor
Associate Professor, York University

Articles should be submitted in accordance with Intellect’s guidelines

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