Intellect's 2012 New Journal Portfolio

Intellect is proud and delighted to announce our 2012 journal portfolio. The list exemplifies our commitment to widening critical debate in new and emerging areas of academic study. For further details please click on a title below.

All journals now accept contributions. For submission guidelines please contact the editor(s).
If you wish to be informed of launch dates or enquire about subscription for any of these journals, please send an email to James Campbell.

Film Studies

Film, Fashion & Consumption
ISSN: 20442823 / Online ISSN: 20442831
Editors: Pamela Church Gibson, Tamar Jeffers McDonald, Alistair O’Neill, Alisia G. Chase
Film, Fashion & Consumption is a an academic, refereed journal for scholars, students, practitioners and designers interested in the connections, convergences and crossovers between the spheres of film and fashion, and the way in which these synergies affect consumer culture. We welcome articles presenting research in any of these areas.

Visual Arts

Journal of Curatorial Studies
ISSN: 20455836 / Online ISSN: 20455844
Editors: Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher

The Journal of Curatorial Studies is an international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the cultural functioning of curating and its relation to exhibitions, institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture. The journal takes a wide perspective in the inquiry into what constitutes “the curatorial.” 
International Journal of Islamic Architecture
ISSN: 20455895 / Online ISSN: 20455909
Editors: Mohammad Gharipour and Kevin Mitchell

The International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA) is intended for those interested in urban design and planning, architecture, and landscape design in Middle East, North Africa, and south Asia. The main emphasis is on detailed analysis of the historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of architecture, with a focus on both design and its reception.

The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ)
ISSN: 20456298 / Online ISSN: 20456301
Editors: Catherine Elwes, Sean Cubitt, Eu Jin Chua, Janine Marchessault,  Pryle Behrman, Lucy Reynolds and Editorial Assistant Kate Pelling

The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ) is the first international peer-reviewed scholarly publication devoted to artists’ film and video, and its contexts. It offers a forum for debates surrounding all forms of artists’ moving image and media artworks: films, video installations, expanded cinema, video performance, experimental documentaries, animations, and other screen-based works made by artists.

Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art
ISSN: 20455879 / Online ISSN: 20455887
Editor: G. James Daichendt

The scope of the journal is broad and is aimed at facilitating a wide spectrum of perspectives. It is essentially a medium for engaging the rich and multifaceted process of learning and teaching art that takes place in the classroom, studio, and beyond. However, the seriousness of journal is not outweighed by making critical topics accessible and readable to a large constituency of readers.

Performing Arts

Punk & Post Punk
ISSN: 20441983 / Online ISSN: 20443706
Editors: Philip Kiszelyand Alex Ogg

Punk & Post-Punk is a journal for academics, artists, journalists and the wider cultural industries. Placing punk and its progeny at the heart of inter-disciplinary investigation, it is the first forum of its kind to explore this rich and influential topic in both historical and critical theoretical terms.

Performing Islam
ISSN: 20431015 / Online ISSN: 20431023
Editors: Kamal Salhi and Karin van Nieuwkerk

Emerging from an international network project funded by the British Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Economics and Social Research Council, and research collaboration between the editors, Performing Islam is the first peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal about Islam and performance and their related aesthetics.

ISSN: 20443714 / Online ISSN: 20443722
Editors: Christine White, Alison Oddey, Natalie Rewa, Stephen Di Benedetto and Professor Lu Ping

Scene is dedicated to a critical examination of space and scenic production. The journal provides an opportunity for dynamic debate, reflection and criticism. With a strong interdisciplinary focus, we welcome articles, interviews, visual essays, reports from conferences and festivals. We want to explore new critical frameworks for the scholarship of creating a scene.

Cultural & Media Studies

The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture
ISSN: 20455852 / Online ISSN: 20455860
Editors: Toni Johnson-Woods and Vicky Karaminas

The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the scholarly understanding of everyday cultures. It is concerned with the study of the social practices and the cultural meanings that are produced and are circulated through the processes and practices of everyday life. As a product of consumption, an intellectual object of inquiry, and as an integral component of the dynamic forces that shape societies.

ISSN: 20456271/ Online ISSN: 2045628X
Editors: Mike Phillips, Chris Speed and Editorial Assistant: Jane MacDonald

Ubiquity is an international peer reviewed journal for creative and transdisciplinary practitioners interested in technologies, practices and behaviours that have the potential to radically transform human perspectives on the world. ‘Ubiquity’, the ability to be everywhere at the same time, a potential historically attributed to the occult is now a common feature of the average mobile phone. The title refers explicitly to the advent of ubiquitous computing that has been hastened through the consumption of networked digital devices.

The Canadian Journal of Popular Culture
ISSN: 2045581X / Online ISSN: 20455828
Editors: Nick Baxter-Moore and Greg Gillespie

The Canadian Journal of Popular Culture’s conception of popular culture encompasses non-mass-mediated as well as mass-mediated, historical as well as contemporary, forms, texts and practices. The journal will be receptive to articles which focus on Canadian examples, or broader comparative and theoretical questions viewed through a Canadian lens.

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