World Film Locations Book Series: The City Onscreen

World Film Locations is the exciting new book series to be published by intellect, which will explore and reveal the relationship between the city and cinema by using a predominantly visual approach inspired by The Big Picture magazine’s ‘On Location’ feature.

Each book will be illustrated throughout with evocative movie stills and be complimented by short but insightful essays about themes, ideas and key historical periods relating to each individual city.

The city continues to play a central role in a multitude of films, helping us to frame our understanding of place and of the world around us. Whether as elaborate directorial loveletters or as time specific cultural settings, the city acts as a vital character in helping to tell a story.

These are the issues that have prompted the World Film Locations book series and which we are excited to explore further, looking at questions such as:
How is cinema helping to shape our view of the city?
What is the role of the city in film?
How can we engage with and better understand different cultures through the medium of film?

With the aim of producing 12 new titles per year (books on the way in 2011 include London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Dublin, Los Angeles, Madrid, Istanbul and Vienna amongst others) the World Film Locations series will become the most comprehensive collection of film books exploring the city onscreen.

If you would like to contribute to any of the titles in the list, are interested in an editorial role or are simply looking for further information about the project, please send an email to Gabriel Solomons – series editor.

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