British Film
The Window on our world

Last Saturday's Guardian newspaper reported Gurinder Chadha the director of Bend it Like Beckham commenting on the success of The King's Speech at Baftas saying:

'It's not simply that British films do well at the box office and generate revenue, it's that they provide a window to the world of what Britain and its culture is about. Our films have the ability to tell global audiences who we are ...'

This is precisely the point of view that has motivated Intellect to establish Directory of World Cinema.

By looking at films from different regions of the world we are given a window into what makes people all over the world so different, and also what makes those people the same. In this way we can each develop a better understanding of "the other": an understanding that avoids stereotypes and acknowledges both the unity and diversity in humanity.

For centuries literature has provided the source material for reflection on what it means to be human. While literature continues to enlighten us more recently film has provided a visual alternative. Film not only offers a narrative similar to literature it also provides a visual and audio feast for our senses.

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