Intellect at SCUDD Conference
Partnerships and Collaborations

Intellect was present at the SCUDD Conference on the theme of Partnerships and Collaborations which took place the University of Glasgow 15th -16th April 2011.

Maosud Yazdani, chairman of intellect took part in a panel discussion on The Futures of Publishing along with Victoria Cooper (Cambridge University Press) and Talia Rodgers (Routledge). Toni Sant (University of Hull), the author of Intellect book Franklin Furnace & the Spirit of the Avant-Garde responded to the publishers' presentations and launched his book at the conference.

The highlight of the conference was the panel on the forthcoming UK government's Research Excellence Framework. Professor Maria Delgado, Chair of sub-panel 35 (Music, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts) explained the evolution of RAE2008 into REF2004. Stella Hall, "user representative" panel member also explained the new dimensions of 'environment' and 'impact' that have been introduced in the way the UK government plans to assess academic excellence.

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