Street Style: Call for Submissions

In a rapidly changing global fashion system, new centres such as Shanghai are joining other cities such as Dubai, Moscow, and Mumbai as global fashion capitals. Street Style is a series that explores and reveals the relationship between culture, the city, and the street fashion. Books in the series use a predominantly visual approach (visual ethnography) paired with critical analysis, and are inspired by street fashion blogs, magazines, and other fashion incubators such as internet sites.

Each volume is a collaboration between a street style photographer and an author, focusing on a particular city and the relationship between street style and the culture of that city. Style is predominantly an individual matter – the way people put themselves together creates a sense of individual identity, but collectively there is a sense of common culture in a community, a city, or a country.

The books will address points such as:
•    Each city has a unique energy, a different look. How is this defined?
•    What does street style tell you about a city and its culture?
•    How does street style reflect cultural and social currents – what’s going on in music, art, and on the sidewalks of communities?

If you’re interested in getting involved with this new book series, please get in touch with May Yao:

For more info about the series:,id=28/


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