Research uncovers the different sides of the 'hood'
An interview with Chris Richardson, co-editor of Intellect's Habitus of the Hood

"Representations of the ‘hood in popular culture often differs from the realities of the community, an issue Chris Richardson, PhD candidate in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, explores in his new book, Habitus of the Hood.

When Chris Richardson completed his undergraduate degree in journalism, he had two choices: Beat them or join them?

Richardson knows what it is like for neighbourhoods and communities to be misrepresented in the media having grown up in Scarborough. While his hometown has been given a bad reputation for being a hotbed of criminal activity, Richardson’s lived experience shows a different side.

“It was a question of whether I wanted to contribute to these stigmatizing representations or whether I wanted to fight them,” he says of his decision whether or not to become a reporter.

Instead, he chose to fight and his weapon of choice was academia."

Article by Heather Travis, Western News

Click here to read the complete article.

Habitus of the Hood will be published by Intellect in October 2011.

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