Is Morrissey a genius or a crank?
Intellect author Eoin Devereaux gives his verdict in the

'What's eating Morrissey? Aside from the dog that reportedly took a chomp out of the bequiffed 80s indie godhead at the recent Hop Farm Festival in Britain, we mean. Always a bit of a contrarian, at 52 he is verging on full-blown grumpy old man...

"Morrissey is a welcome rarity," says Dr Eoin Devereux, a University of Limerick lecturer and organiser of several Morrissey and Smiths symposia. "He remains unafraid to speak his mind about many issues ranging from the parasitic nature of royalty, the brutality of the meat industry and the greed of the fast-food industry. Most of the time media coverage of him is inaccurate and cliched. What is not often commented upon is the way in which Morrissey has consistently written about an otherwise hidden experience -- namely working-class life. Songs like The Slum Mums and The Teenage Dad on His Estate present the perspectives of those who are all too readily written off in a media setting as scroungers and layabouts. Like Johnny Lydon -- another second-generation Irish singer -- Morrissey clearly does not worry about political correctness, which is refreshing."'

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Eoin Devereaux is the editor of Intellect's

Morrissey: Fandom, Representations and Identities.
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