July/August issue of The Big Picture Magazine now available

Good news film fans...

The July/August 2011 issue of The Big Picture Magazine is titled 'Food Glorious Food' and is themed around cinema's culinary associations from the obvious; fabulous feasts onscreen, to the Bizarre; Exloitation film posters of the 1970s, and the tenuous; Spaghetti Westerns.

Along with the usual roundup of regular sections, features include a photo essay about Gordon Brinckle - the simple man who built a Picture Palace in his basement, a look at the Wafer Thin Mint as gobbled by Mr Creosote in The Meaning of Life as an evocative cinematic object, a location focus on New York and 1000 words about the Dollars Trilogy and the birth of the Spaghetti Western.

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Download issue 15 to view now

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