EUPOP 2012 Call for Papers
Inaugural Conference of the European Popular Culture Association

The European Popular Culture Association 

The European Popular Culture Association (EPCA) promotes the study of popular culture from, in, and about Europe. Popular culture involves a  wide range of activities, outcomes and audiences; EPCA aims to examine and discuss these different activities as they relate both to Europe, and to Europeans across the globe, whether contemporary or historical.

Individual paper and panel contributions are invited for the inaugural conference of the European Popular Culture Association (EPCA).

EUPOP 2012 will explore European popular culture in all its different forms, this might include European Film (past and present), Television, Music, Celebrity, The Body, Fashion, New Media, Comics, Popular Literature, Sport, Heritage and Curation.

This conference will launch the European Popular Culture Association. There will be opportunities for networking and for developing caucus groups within the EPCA. Presenters at EUPOP 2012 will be encouraged to develop their papers for publication in a number of Intellect journals, including the new Journal of European Popular Culture, which is the journal of the EPCA, other film journals including Film, Fashion & Consumption, and various music journals. Journal editors will be working closely with strand convenors. A full list of Intellect journals is available at:

Papers  and complete panels for all strands  should be submitted to the email contact below. Paper/panel submissions will be as always subject to peer review:

Submit paper or panel proposals* to:, The same address should be used for general administrative queries

Closing date for this call: 18th February 2012 (extensions are possible but subject to formal request)


EPCA and 2012 EPCA Conference Directors

EPCA President, Pamela Church Gibson: (or at the generic conference address given here)

Director of Research & Exchange, Graeme Harper:

Conference administrator, Sarah-Jane Simpson:

If you are coming from abroad and are wanting to discuss the availability of accommodation, we suggest that you contact Sarah-Jane Simpson as soon as possible.  Although the conference is well in advance of the Olympics, we have placed a notional hold on inexpensive hotel rooms and need confirmation asap.

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