Book review: Directory of World Cinema: Spain

'The Directory Of World Cinema: Spain is part of a series of books designed to be essential reading for any foreign film buffs. Broad and ambitious in scope, it provides a complete overview of Spanish cinema.

The Directory Of World Cinema differs from other country-based cinema series’ in the way in which it tackles its subject. Rather than presenting information about the country’s film industry in a chronological, historical manner, using films to back up cinema theory, it places the films firmly in the foreground. The book is split into sections on a genre basis, and each section has an introductory article offering some background information, followed by critiques of the stand-out films in that genre.

Articles and critiques have been contributed by a range of authors, offering specific expertise on a genre or film, and everything from a 1930s musical to the internationally-acclaimed Pan’s Labyrinth has an entire page devoted to it. Each film entry comprises a short synopsis and critique, as well as explaining the significance of the film within its wider context…'

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