World Film Locations Paris and Dublin, important new books exploring the relationship between the city and the cinema

Intellect is excited to announce the publication of the two latest additions to our World Film Location series, these volumes focus on Paris and Dublin respectively and can now be purchased from all good retailers or online, visit our homepage to find out more:
The World Film Locations series explores and reveals the relationship between the city and cinema by using a predominantly visual approach perfectly suited to the medium of film. The city continues to play a central role in a multitude of films, helping us to frame our understanding of place and of the world around us. Whether as elaborate directorial love letters or as time specific cultural settings, the city acts as a vital character in helping to tell a story. To learn more listen to the World Film Locations Editors on the BBC - replay the interview here:

World Film Locations: Paris

World Film Locations: Paris takes readers on an unforgettable tour of the City of Lights - past and present - through the many films that have been set there. Along the way, we revisit iconic tourist sites from the Eiffel Tower whose stairs and crossbars inspired more than one famous chase scene to the Moulin Rouge overlooking the famously seedy Place Pigalle. Other films explore lesser-known quartiers usually tucked away from the tourist's admiring gaze. Handsomely illustrated with full–colour film stills and contemporary location photographs, 46 scenes are individually considered with special attention to their use of Paris's topography as it intersects with characters, narrative, and plot. A host of important genres and cinematic movements are featured, including poetic realism, the New Wave, cinéma–verité, the literary works of the Left Bank Group, and Luc Besson's slickly stylized cinéma du look. Meanwhile, essays foreground contributions from Francophone African directors and émigré filmmakers. For those who have visited or those who have only imagined it through art, literature, and film, World Film Locations: Paris presents a wonder-filled cinematic exploration of the mythical city that fans of French cinema - and new initiates - will appreciate. Link to the webpage:,id=4839/.

World Film Locations: Dublin
With its rich political and literary history, Dublin is a sought after destination for cinematographers who have made use of the city's urban streetscapes and surrounding coastal and country settings in many memorable films, among them Michael Collins, The Commitments, and the 2006 musical drama Once. World Film Locations: Dublin offers an engaging look at the many incarnations of the city onscreen through 46 synopses of key scenes from films - either shot or set in Dublin - accompanied by a generous selection of full-colour film stills. Throughout the book, a series of essays by leading film scholars spotlight familiar actors, producers, and directors as well as some of the themes common to films shot in Dublin, including literature, politics, the city's thriving music scene, and its long history of organized crime. Also included is a look at the representations of Dublin before, during, and after the Celtic Tiger era. Sophisticated yet accessible, this volume will undoubtedly take its place on the shelves of film buffs and those interested in Irish culture. Link to the webpage:,id=4838/.
Praise for the series
World Film Locations: New York: 'An elegant tribute to the films and locations that have given New York its private real estate in our minds. The contributors are so immediately readable and movie-savvy.' – Roger Ebert
World Film Locations: Paris: 'A superbly edited collection that explores the most important movie city in the world' – David Sterritt

World Film Locations: London: 'A superb book, indispensable for any cinephile interested in London's psychogeography. I could pore over it for hours.' – Peter Bradshaw

Series website:,id=27/

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