World Film Locations: London Reviewed in Cercles
Reviewed by Allister Mactaggart

'World Film Locations: London is part of a rapidly expanding series of books, published by Intellect, which explores the centrality and significance of major urban centres in their cinematic usage. In his introduction the editor, Neil Mitchell, states that: “The World Film Locations series strives to marry text and image in a way that mirrors how film-makers combine narrative and location” [5]. In this respect the London book should be regarded as a success; it is both entertaining and informative in equal measure, and would be an excellent accompaniment for investigating noteworthy cinematic locations around the city. The book is available in a variety of formats: as a paperback book; an eBook; and via an iPad app, which provides a range of ways in which readers can interact with the cinematic psychogeography of Britain’s capital city.

In conclusion, each contributor to this book has provided an informative, yet succinct, account of the issues raised to allow a reader to become immersed in the ways in which London has been represented in film, and to reflect upon the ramifications of these different versions of the city. For those captivated by the book there are also references to recommended books, websites and films to take the issues raised in it further. Overall, this is a fascinating book which is well laid out in an attractive format which would allow users of it to plan trips to investigate the sites mentioned in more detail, and which also makes this reader intrigued to investigate other World Film Locations in the series.'

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