Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
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Intellect would like to announce the publication of our Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, and to celebrate the launch we are offering Issue 1.1 for FREE online.

The Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to bridge the gap between media and communication research and actors with a say in media production, i.e. broadcasters, newspapers, radios, Internet-based media outlets, etc. It is devoted to research with an applied angle in which a clear link is made between the prevalent theories and paradigms media and communication scholars work with, and the real world where media and communication activities take place. It tackles issues and practices related to the output and organization of media outlets in our digitized age.

The journal has a particular focus on and interest in contemporary issues and practices of media firms as they are experienced by their actors: journalists, executives, publishers and proprietors, among others. Besides scholarly submissions, the editors are interested in articles written by media actors focusing on topics including their activities, problems, strategies, guidelines, management and editorial issues, organization, ethical codes, coverage, distribution, marketing, handling of user-generated material, etc. The journal is the first scholarly publication giving due consideration in publishing to material by media actors. Practitioners, for the first time, will have their articles printed alongside academic papers within the pages of the same journal. Visit the journal online for more details, or contact James Campbell.

Call for Papers available online:,id=220/view,page=2/

Title Information
Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies | ISSN: 20010818, Online ISSN: 20499531 | First published in 2012, 2 issues per volume  

Subscription information: | Subscription rates: Institutional: £132 / $185 | Online only: £99 / $140 | Personal: £36 / $68


Leon Barkho, Jönköping University
Ibrahim Saleh, Cape Town University

Editorial and Advisory Boards

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