Coming soon: Directory of World Cinema: France and Britain
Excellent additions to Intellect's Directory of World Cinema series

Directory of World Cinema: France

In 1895, the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere patented the first  “motion camera.” Their first film—showing workers leaving their factory in Lyon—was hand-cranked through the camera and lasted 50 seconds.

For over a century, French filmmakers have created some of the most artistic and intellectual films ever made.  Through its history, French cinema has pioneered a variety of styles and movements…and the birthplace of film continues to set the standard for modern masterpieces, like Jean Luc Godard's New Wave classic, Breathless, released in 1960. This New Wave movement directly influenced film cultures around the world, particularly in Japan and Latin America.

This landmark volume of the Directory of World Cinema series showcases the great directors and film movements of France, but it also goes further to help readers discover hidden gems. The book mines the stylistic elements of every genre from comedy, horror, and avant-garde to crime and romance. In addition, each artistic movement is placed within the cultural context of its time. Through essays and reviews from varied experts, readers will learn about this essential element of French culture.

Directory of World Cinema: France offers a visual and dynamic journey through one of the world’s most important and idiosyncratic film industries.  It’s a must-have for serious students of both film…and France.

Directory of World Cinema: Britain

From the gritty Trainspotting, to the darkly humorous gangster film Snatch, to the recent multiple award-winning The King's Speech, Great Britain boasts a long and strong film tradition. These classics, along the other milestone films that have defined British cinema, take center stage in the latest volume in Intellect’s popular series, the Directory of World Cinema.

DWC: Britain presents a plethora of critically acclaimed films that showcase the flavour and cultural heritage unique to Britain. Through essays, reviews, and articles on a variety of genres, in conjunction with stills from the films, the Directory of World Cinema: Britain focuses on the vast selection of movies considered inscrutably British. Inside you will find such classics as The 39 Steps or The Red Shoes along with contemporary fare that has become just as classic.

The Directory of World Cinema series showcases the unique culture and history of countries around the world as expressed through the medium of film. These books look to move scholarly criticism beyond the academy into the mainstream.  In this volume dedicated to Britain, readers will discover the films of the popular and renascent British film industry through a neatly constructed collection of compelling essays and reviews.

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