An Interview with the editor of Directory of World Cinema: Germany

'Lovers of German cinema are advised to take note of a new English language book called DIRECTORY OF WORLD CINEMA: GERMANY, the latest in a series of specialist volumes on different aspects of world cinema from UK-US publisher Intellect.

I interview the book's editor, Michelle Langford, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at UNSW, below, but first a couple of observations.

Apart from the informative and often insightful writing, the book's bright and attractive design makes it very appealing to flick through and read. The use of clean sans-serif fonts and smart photo selection (mainly black and white but with selective use of colour) continually invite the reader to delve more deeply into the text.

Second observation: apart from an introductory section on early film pioneers (the Sladanowsky Brothers, Arnold Fanck and Walter Ruttmann), the book is organised according thematically rather than chronologically. Hence chapter headings such as Fantastic Film, Der Heimatfilm, War Film, Foreigners and Guest Workers, Queer, The Berlin Wall, et al.'

Read the complete interview here:

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