Journal of Curatorial Studies - issue 1.2 now available

The Journal of Curatorial Studies is an international, peer-reviewed publication that explores the cultural functioning of curating and its relation to exhibitions, institutions, audiences, aesthetics and display culture. Now in its second issue, the journal takes a wide perspective in the inquiry into what constitutes “the curatorial.” Curating has evolved considerably from the connoisseurship model of arranging objects to now encompass performative, virtual and interventionist strategies. While curating as a spatialized discourse of art objects remains important, the expanded cultural practice of curating not only produces exhibitions for audiences to view, but also plays a catalytic role in redefining aesthetic experience, framing cultural conditions in institutions and communities, and inquiring into constructions of knowledge and ideology.

In the second issue, readers will find a diverse selection of articles. Renowned cultural theorist Mieke Bal contributes a self-critical inquiry into the performative aspect of curating in ‘Curatorial Acts’. Art historian Reesa Greenberg examines the growing phenomenon of exhibitions that adopt a documentary approach in ‘Archival Remembering Exhibitions’. Lee Rodney’s ‘Exhibiting the Frontier’ considers how international borders have been recently re-conceptualized as museological displays. Other essays by Joanna Szupinska and Roberta Crisci-Richardson look at the watershed 1981 Polish exhibition Construction in Process and the curatorial practice of Edgar Degas in his personal home/museum, respectively. The journal also features an array of exhibition, website, book and conference reviews.

To view a complete table of contents for Issue 1.2 visit us online.

Issue 1.1 of the Journal of Curatorial Studies is currently available to download for free: from Intellect’s website.

For more information, please visit thew journal online, or contact James Campbell (

Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher – the Editors of JCS – have also just completed a special guest edited issue of the art journal PUBLIC. The issue, which focuses on civic spectacle, can be found online.

Title Information
Journal of Curatorial Studies | 2012, Volume 1: 3 issues per volume

Current issue: 1.2 | ISSN 2045-5836, Online ISSN 2045-5844

Subscription information: | Subscription rates: Institutional: £132 / $185 | Online only: £99 / $140 | Personal: £36 / $68

Jim Drobnick, Ontario College of Art & Design (
Jennifer Fisher, York University (

Editorial Board: Alexander Alberro; Marcia Brennan; Tom Eccles; Andrea Giunta; Hou Hanru; Amelia Jones; Johanne Lamoureux; Nina Möntmann; Paul O'Neill; Helena Reckitt; Kitty Scott.
Advisory Board: Mieke Bal; Sarah Cook; Jennifer Gonzalez; Reesa Greenberg; Salah Hassan; Charlotte Klonk; Maria Lind; Andrew McClellan; Chantal Mouffe; Pooja Sood.

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