The VCinema Diaries: Lost in Beijing

Intellect author John Berra, who is the Editor of World Film Locations: Beijing is writing a series of feature articles for the Asian cinema forum, VCinema. Th series is titled VCinema DIaries and begins with and exploration of John's recent vist to Beijing.

Here's an extract:

'The main reason for visiting Beijing was the publication of my latest editing project, World Film Locations: Beijing. A new addition to the World Film Locations series from Intellect Books, an examination of the enduring relationship between city and cinema, this volume was off the press just in time to coincide with Intellect’s presence at the 19th Beijing International Book Fair, and the publisher’s second annual meeting with the prestigious Beijing Film Academy. Held from August 29-September 2 at the new venue of the China International Exhibition Centre, accessible via subway on the way out to Beijing International Airport, the book fair is essentially a trade event that serves to illustrate China’s growing status in the global publishing market. With representatives from presses both popular and academic occupying the 21,000 available stands, it was the kind of fair that required anyone attending with a view to business development to have a clear agenda in order to avoid several days of accumulating random business cards and glossy hand-outs. From a more casual perspective, however, it was clear that publishing is thriving in China: while it is inevitable that not every international imprint will break into this market, either due to not having the right catalogue or struggling to connect with the necessary mainland partners, the potential financial rewards in reaching Chinese readers are too great to ignore. All areas of publishing seemed to be attracting interest from attendees, with a sizable crowd gathered for a panel discussion on Swedish crime fiction.'

Read the article in full:

Watch this space for future intalments... 

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