Punk & Post-Punk 1.2 now available

Punk and Post-Punk explores the rapidly expanding and metamorphic body of scholarly enquiry into punk. It includes studies of music, fashion, contemporary dance, flyer art, documentary and fiction film-making, to name but a few areas influenced by the punk aesthetic or philosophy. In short, it deals not only in the past and present manifestations of the punk movement but with a vast array of intersecting disciplines as well. It argues that punk’s continued and substantial presence is proof of its sustainability and the reason for the recent rise of academic interest in punk, or ‘punkademia’. 

The theme of inter-disciplinarity is supplemented in this second issue by an underlying thematic pre-occupation in the articles and interviews, which considers the dual influence on and by punk. As the editors note, just as punk itself was born of a potent mix of ‘layered environmental, socio-political, economic and artistic factors’, the energy created from that process has ‘continued to manifest itself through ever-multiplying forms and in any number of contexts through the decades’. The articles of this issue, ranging from Alex Ogg’s examination of the way in which The Beatles interacted with punk culture to Kevin Dunn’s contextualization of modern anarcho-punk, reflect this diaspora of influence. 

To find out more visit the journal online.

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