Ubiquity: The Journal of Pervasive Media
New Title Announcement

We are delighted to announce the release of the first issue of our latest 2012 journal titled Ubiquity: The Journal of Pervasive Media. To celebrate this groundbreaking journal this issue is available as a FREE download, please follow the link to access the issue online.
In an increasingly ubiquitous culture where 'everyone and everything is connected', what are the consequences for design and research? Ubiquity is a peer-reviewed journal offering a platform for visual artists, designers, scientists and writers to explore our consumption of networked digital devices and our radically evolving relationship with the world around us. In particular, it will be focusing on the 'evolution of media forms' across different environments, the rise of the 'Internet of Things', the behaviors and technologies that cultivate a networked culture and the development of inter-disciplinary vocabularies for understanding our ever-changing sense of 'place'. In the breadth of its scope, the journal itself embodies the spirit of ubiquity in its aim to create new dialogues between disciplines and 'provoke a critical engagement with science, computing and socio/economic studies, emphasizing the impact that design and technology has on everyone's lives'.
In this issue, editors Mike Phillips and Chris Speed welcome the reader with 'Ubiquity: A Paranoid Manifesto', setting the tone for a series of articles, reports, interviews and reviews that encompass a vast range of different fields and methodologies. From Jonnet Middleton's 'Long live the thing! Temporal Ubiquity in a smart vintage wardrobe' to Hamer Dodds' 'Phylogeny- a vehicle for a discursive exploration', this issue covers topics such as smart clothing, art in the realm of the laboratory, onstage cameras in theatre, archaeology and design, writing, storytelling and biology.

For further information, subscription details and a Call For Papers please visit the journal online.

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