CFP Comedy Studies 2.2

 For Comedy Studies Volume 4, Number 2, Autumn 2013 Inter and Cross-disciplinary Edition Issue Editor: Ian Wilkie


Comedy Studies is a bi-annual international academic journal that covers multiple aspects of comedy, with articles about both contemporary and historical comedy, interviews with practicing comedians and writers, reviews, letters, illustrations, photographs and editorials. The journal seeks to be instrumental in providing a forum for the disparate voices of comedians, academics and writers.
Comedy Studies is now in its fourth successive year. An eclectic back catalogue of articles interviews, reviews and editorials now exist. The journal continues to pursue its overarching aim - to provide a hub for discourse about the nature and practice of comedy. The journal also aims to provide a wider forum for cross disciplinary communities to analyse the phenomenon of comedy as it is manifested within their own fields. To this end, this edition invites articles, interviews, book reviews, opinion pieces and conference reports focusing on comedy, humour, laughter and joking as they feature within wider disciplines and scholarly fields. Contributions on comedy within psychology, education, literature, philosophy, business, medicine, sociology and the arts - as well as within media and performance - are all welcomed.
In a continued attempt to broaden (the already vibrant and wide-ranging) community of scholars of comedy, submissions from early career scholars and new researchers are also very welcome.
Articles addressing, but not limited to, the following themes are invited:
• The psychology of laughter
• Comedy, education, teaching and learning
• Comedy in the arts
• Philosophy and comedy
• Comedy as a business tool
• Literary humour
• Performing comedy
• Comedy - the best medicine?
• Socio-political comedies
Length of articles: Articles should be 4,000-5,000 words long and must not exceed 6,000 words. Working Papers are also accepted and these should be around 3,000 words. The word counts include notes and references but exclude the author biography, keywords or abstract.
All being well this issue 4.2 of Comedy Studies Journal will be published in time for the 2014 REF deadline.
Please send your abstracts by March 15 2013 to Comedy Studies at
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