New 2014 Journals

Intellect is delighted to announce our 2014 journals.

International Journal of Fashion Studies
By opening up the field of fashion studies to international non-English speakers the journal will not only shed new light on some existing key themes of debate but it will also bring to the fore topics and issues heretofore unattended.
Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion
This journal is the first to exclusively focus on men’s dress and topics of gender; identity, sexuality, culture, marketing and business will be discussed.
Clothing Cultures
We are all invested at some level in the production and consumption of clothing. This journal intends to embrace issues and themes that are both universal and personal, addressing [and dressing] us all.
Fashion, Style & Popular Culture
Edited by Joseph H. Hancock II the journal will provide an interdisciplinary environment for fashion academics and practitioners to publish innovative scholarship in all aspects of fashion and popular culture.
Journal of Illustration
This is the first journal to provide an international forum for scholarly research and investigation of a range of cultural, political, philosophical, historical, and contemporary issues, in relation to illustration.
Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
Edited by Paul Gladston the journal seeks to explore the relationship between contemporary art and Chinese cultural identity in its broadest sense.
Dance, Movement & Spiritualties
Research into spirituality receives comparatively little attention in Western dance practices. This journal provides a platform for practitioners and researchers who are actively working with spirituality at the centre of their work.
Journal of Urban Cultural Studies
The journal aims to achieve some balance between discussing an individual cultural/artistic product(s) and using one of many social-science urban approaches.,id=225/

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