Critical Studies in Men's Fashion: Call for Papers

ISSN: 2050070X | Online ISSN: 20500718 | 3 issues per volume | Volume 1, 2014

Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion is now accepting submissions for a focus issue on men’s bodies and body image. Deadline to submit a manuscript for the focus issue is 1 December 2013. Please submit to
The mission of Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion is to publish scholarly manuscripts on men’s dress and appearance from broad perspectives, disciplines, and methods. The use of the word ‘critical’ in the journal title means significant, central to, or close analysis. Based on this definition and mission of the journal, both quantitative and qualitative approaches are welcome. Contributions are accepted from any discipline, including (but not limited to) fashion studies, anthropology, art, art history, business, critical theory, consumer studies, cultural studies, economics, gender studies, humanities, literature, marketing, psychology, queer studies, religion, sociology, and textiles.
All manuscripts will undergo double blind peer review. Articles will be selected on their content, scholarship, and technical quality. The content must be in line with the journal’s vision of advancing scholarship on men and appearance.
Potential topics for this focus issue include (but are not limited to):
• Body satisfaction/dissatisfaction
• Social physique anxiety
• Cross-dressing/drag
• Pageants, competitions based on appearance
• Routine and risky appearance management behaviours
• Importance of hair (facial, head, body)
• Appearance regulations associated with sports (weight classes, body configuration criteria used by judges, expectations)
• Physical parameters of ‘masculinity’
• Categorization based upon appearance (eg. ‘pretty boys’, ‘ruggedly handsome’, ‘distinguished’)
• Body building regimens
• Body image treatment and education programmes
All submissions must follow Intellect’s house style for review. Attached and at: Manuscripts should be approximately 5000 words and use British spelling and Harvard referencing. It is the author’s responsibility to clear image rights usage if they are included in the manuscript.

Please send submissions and queries to the Guest Editor, Nancy Ann Rudd, at or to the Principal Editor, Dr. Andy Reilly, at

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