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CFP for special issue on the 60th Anniversary of RAI: 1954-2014
Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies
Call for Papers
60th Anniversary of RAI: 1954-2014
On 3 January 1954, RAI, the Italian radio and television broadcast, started airing its television programmes. The historical event was announced by Fulvia Colombo, the first ‘SignorinaBuonasera’.
By the end of 1954 there were 88,000 subscribed viewers and by 1963 the number grew to over 4 million. By the end of the 1950s the afternoon TV per ragazzi/TV for Children programme was established, and the first American children series The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin was broadcast. The Sanremo song festival was first aired in 1955, and in1957 Carosello introduced commercials in Italian television.
In 1961, RAI Channel 2 was launched. In 1975 new private TV networks were authorized under their own independent directors, and in1979 RAI 3 was established. On 29 September 1980, Channel 5, owned by Silvio Berlusconi, started; followed respectively on 3 and 4 January 1982 by the network Italia 1, owned by Edilio Rusconi, and by Rete 4, owned by Leonardo Mondadori.
Starting in September 2013, as announced by the RAI general director Luigi Gubitosi, RAI 1 will air programmes in simulcast in high definition both on land and satellite lines.
With this CFP, Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies intends to publish a themed special issue to celebrate 60 years of Italian television production, distribution and consumption through its channels, programmes, professionals and artists, policies and administration. Proposals from a range of theoretical, critical approaches, and historical, political, sociological and economic perspectives are welcome. Topics include, but are not limited to:
Programmes: shows, game shows, cultural programmes, TV fictions, TV films, TV series, documentaries, soap operas, animation, commercials, music shows
Live television events: news, religious programmes, song festivals, sport
Politics of representation: gender, family, minorities
Presenters: Mike Bongiorno, Corrado, Enzo Tortora, Mario Riva, Pippo Baudo
News anchors: Enzo Biagi, Ugo Zatterin, Ennio Mastrostefano, Emilio Rossi, Ruggero Orlando, Tito Stagno
Performers, actors, singers, dancers, comedians, impersonators: Delia Scala, Walter Chiari, the American couple Abbe Lane e Xavier Cugat, Raimondo Vianello, Sandra Mondaini, Ugo Tognazzi, Antonello Falqui, Cesarini da Senigallia, Marisa Del Frate, Bice Valori, Pippo Baudo, Paolo Panelli, Aldo Fabrizi, Alberto Sordi, Totò, Ave Ninchi, Franca Valeri
Audiences and fans
Screening the nation: RAI and Italian history, society, culture, politics
RAI versus Mediaset
Intersections between RAI and cinema, theatre, literature
RAI and new media
Transnational flow of import/export of programmemes and formats
Interviews to RAI administrators, programme directors, producers, actors, journalists and other  professionals.
Send proposals in British English to the Editor, Flavia Laviosa, at, by 15 October 2013 and provide the following information:
1)   A 500-word abstract outlining:
a) The topic
b) Critical approach
c) Theoretical bases of the proposed article.
The abstract should clearly state the goals of the article, and provide a cohesive description of the objective of the argument.
In addition to the abstract, please submit the following:
2)  Relevant bibliography and list of programmes

3)  200 word biographical notes followed by a detailed list of your academic publications. 

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