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Breaking The Myth Of The Female DJ In Electronic Dance Music

Rebekah Farrugia, author of Beyond the Dance Floor, a book which explores women in electronic dance music, has been quoted in a recent Huffington Post article on female DJs.

"When you hear a track, there's an assumption that a guy made it," explained Dr. Rebekah Farrugia, who spent two years following female DJs in San Francisco for her book Beyond the Dance Floor: Female DJs, Technology and Electronic Dance Music Culture (Intellect, 2012) "Those [stereotypes] have deep-rooted ties to the way technology is gendered as a masculine thing over the course of the 20th century."

In her research, Farrugia links the "articulation of technology as masculine" with the "masculinization of music technologies," citing early advertisements in trade magazines that specifically marketed complex audio tech to men as a means of escape from domestic life. This portrayal of technology endured with the development of sound reproduction technology, and it did not help that the vast majority of pioneering DJs were men who relied heavily on advanced audio equipment.
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