Fashion Icons book series
Call for Editors/Contributors

This new series is prompted both by Intellect's ongoing commitment to fashion as a key area of publishing growth and reflecting the public's voracious appetite for everything to do with fashion and those that create it. The proliferation of 'style' blogs that explore the established and more fringe areas of culture is creating a community of potential readers who want to engage with the subject in a variety of ways. And while subcultures of fashion are created as quickly as they disappear, iconic contributions that stand the test of time are - more often that not - attributed to a select few design luminaries. It is this simple idea that is prompting the 'Fashion Icon' book series, which will look at and explore both the unique personalities and the significant contribution that individual fashion designers make to culture as a whole.

Each of the designers we choose will have a massive 'fan' following and exert influence over not only the fashion world but areas of media such as film, television, music, influenced perceptions of fashion while changing the 'look' of high streets the world over. Leading often glamorous - and on occasion, tragic - lives, these are taste-makers  of  the highest degree who have colourful personalities to match their creations. We want this series to look at what made/makes these fashion designers tick - exploring their world of creation, inspiration and influence. Rather than the usual lavish visual picture book, ours will be a different kind of celebration - one that does employ imagery, but carefully chosen material which will help to reinforce the various topics discussed.

The series aims to 'decode' iconic fashion designers in terms of their appeal and far reaching influence, while revealing new insights about each one. We are fully aware that these are not meant to be comprehensive, weighty tomes on the subject - rather a series of accessibly written and beautifully presented books that each include a fascinating collection of essays which explore a particular area or aspect of the designer's 'world' in each chapter.

Chapter headings include:

  • The early years
  • Influences
  • Significant contributions to the world of fashion
  • Muses
  • Collections
  • Brand extensions 
  • Bootleggers
  • Influence on...
  • Enduring legacy

Alongside these main chapters we want each book to include a series of short interviews and brief testimonials by (as examples) fellow designers, models, photographers, bloggers, film directors, curators or collectors who have been touched in some way by the fashion designer in question. 

These shorter, more personalised contributions wil help to underpin our aim of revealing the influence these iconic fashion designers have had on people from all walks of life. These interviews/testimonials will need to be sourced by each book's editor and/or contributors.

A short list of proposed titles for the series include:

Gianni Versace / Coco Chanel / Ralph Lauren / Christian Dior / Alexander McQueen / Yves Saint Laurent / Vivienne Westwood / Dolce & Gabbana / Calvin Klein / Giorgio Armani / Louis Vuitton / Valentino / Tom Ford / John Galliano / Pierre Cadin

If you would like to contribute to any of the titles in the above list (or have suggestions of your own), are interested in an editorial role or are simply looking for further information about the book series, please send an email to:

Gabriel Solomon - Series Editor,

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