Intellect Fashion Week

 Nobody knows Intellect's fashion titles better than our staff so we spoke to Alice and Holly about their personal style and recommendations for Intellect Fashion Week.

Alice Gillam, Marketing Assistant

Who is your style icon?

Solange Knowles (the best knowles sister, clearly) and Emma Stone

Who is your favourite designer or brand?

My favourite designer is Jessica Electra Odell-Foster, who designs and makes one off custom shoes. Although I am a little biased as she's a friend, her shoes are still amazing.

How would you describe your style?

Basic hippie punk with an edge of futuristic disco.

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

Definitely Neil Kirkham, 'The new 'porno-chic'? Fashion, consumption and film pornography' in Film, Fashion & Consumption. It focuses on the impact of pornography on mainstream consumer culture and the controversy this has produced recently.

Purchase the article here


Holly Rose, Design Manager

Who is your style icon?

Sienner Miller

How would you describe your personal style?

Country Girl meets sailor girl 

Which Intellect fashion article or book would you recommend?

I would recommend Prudence Black and Jane Idle's article in Clothing Cultures, ''It was just something you did': Mothers, daughters and sewing in 1960s'. The article looks at home dressmaking in Australia in the 1960s using family photographs. It is an interesting discussion of the culture surrounding dressmaking at the time.

Purchase the article here

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