New Fashion Journal Releases

Intellect are delighted to announce the release of three new fashion journals.

Fashion, Style & Popular Culture

Fashion, Style & Popular Culture is specifically dedicated to the area of fashion scholarship and its interfacing with popular culture. The journal hopes to stimulate news discussions in the fashion disciplines and to push the envelope of scholarship by welcoming new and established scholars to submit their works. Article topics included in this issue include; subversive beauty ideals in contemporary fashion marketing; Schiaparelli's dark circus; Cultural collision; The branded abaya; Hermes bags and the transformative process; Rural representations in fashion and television.

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Critical Studies in Men's Fashion

Critical Studies in Men's Fashion examines the multifaceted dimensions of men's appearance. It uses the holistic definition of dress as a means of examining the tangible and intangible aspects of creating and maintaining appearances. This journal is the first to exclusively focus on men's dress. The first issue includes topics such as men's beachwear, the handkerchief, military uniforms, visual merchandising, symbolic props and masculine iconic memes historically found in popular culture.

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Clothing Cultures

We are all invested at some level in the production and consumption of clothing. This journal explores issues and themes that are both universal and personal, addressing (and dressing) us all. In this issue, article subjects include; Class, clothes, and co-creative; mothers, daughters and sewing in the 1960s; Costume, disguise and the performance of ordinariness; Shooting street style in Indonesia; A personal phenomenology of clothing.

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