Fan Phenomena Week - Zachary Ingle

Zachary Ingle, editor of Fan Phenomena: The Big Lebowski, discusses his own fandom and what drew him to the Fan Phenomena series: 

What film, TV or book series are you a fan of? 
The Simpsons
What is it about this 'phenomena' that appeals to you? 
It has been my favorite TV show for almost 25 years now, since its debut. In fact, for much of that time, it was the only TV show I consistently watched. I think it is the smartest and funniest TV show ever produced.
What do you think makes it so popular and have such a cultural impact? 
The intelligence of the writing, the vastness of its Springfield universe, and its ability to stay fresh after all these years.
What drew you to fan studies and encouraged you to write a volume of the Fan Phenomena series in particular?
I was already a fan of two of Intellect's other series--the Directory of World Cinema and World Film Locations, both of which I enjoy collecting, reading, and contributing to. I knew that this new series exploring fan phenomena was an excellent idea from the first time I heard about it, and eagerly wrote chapters for the volumes on two of my other passions: Star Wars and Marilyn Monroe. Editing the volume on The Big Lebowski was a tremendous opportunity, as it has some unusual rituals attached to its fandom, such as Lebowski Fests and its own religion, Dudeism. I consider it an honor getting to edit my own book for Intellect.

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