JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students
Call for papers

JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students is the first UK journal of academic work for and by art students, serving as a platform for peer to peer engagement and for research currently taking place within institutions as part of post and undergraduate study.  The journal seeks submissions from current students in the arts across the disciplines (including fine art, research, performance, textiles, graphics and illustration) and those within their first year of graduation.  Predominately aimed at those studying at postgraduate level, JAWS is the first academic arts journal entirely produced by and dedicated to current students work. It works to open new lines of discourse and collaboration and seeks to promote early career researchers across a wider academic community, demonstrating the ability, dedication and professionalism of it’s students. 

Publication in JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students provides students with valuable experience of writing for an academic journal (an essential component of PhD study or an academic career) as well as circulation and recognition of their research.  It is not only an opportunity to take their academic writing to the next level but also to share outcomes and findings across a research network. This journal strongly believes in research as a living pragmatic entity - it should not languish unread in a file bending bedroom shelves, it is only through sharing and discussion that new ideas can be allowed to develop and grow.
JAWS does not set themes for our submissions, preferring to divine trends and thematics from what students deem current and relevant to them. The journal seeks critical reviews, self-contained extracts from research blogs and diaries and reflective essays and papers with arguments and their hearts. JAWS also calls for work that explores the relationship between practice, writing and research including high quality photographs of artworks as part of practice led or based research and artist intervention regarding the image/text relationship.

All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract (maximum 100 words) and a list of keywords (approx. 5) to assist in guiding our peer reviewers. Submissions and queries should be emailed to the editor at 

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