Education through Art: Practice-based Research in Art and Design
Call for Articles and Visual Essays

Guest Editors: Stuart MacDonald OBE and Julian Malins 

It is over twenty years since the emergence of pr actice-based research in Art and Design in UK art schools and it is ten years since the publication of key texts such as Visualizing Research (Gr ay C. & Malins J., 2004) which marked a key stage in the progress of pr actice-based research methodologies and helped confer legitimacy on its development . The prevalence of pr actice-based PhDs worldwide is testament both to the interest in research in contempor ary art and design and the need to find conducive methodological approaches. Despite its provenance, perceived academic legitimacy and ubiquitousness, pr actice-based research in Art and Design remains a contested domain of scholarship. By revisiting pr actice-based research twenty-five years on, the aim of this special issue is to contour the territory, survey the current scene and r aise fresh debate about what has now developed into an almost universal pr actice in Art and Design schools and courses. 
The special issue will be the occasion to illuminate some of the key issues that still surround practice-based research in Art and Design in an international context , particularly the impact upon Art and Design Education at various levels. This remains an underdeveloped field; for example, what is: 
  • The relation to movements in research-led teaching in Higher Education? 
  • The influence on Art and Design in Primary (Elementary) and Secondary (High) schools? 
  • The consequences for research in vocational education? 
The special issue hopes to attr act a range of articles and visual essays that will develop a new conversation and point pr actitioners and students in Art and Design and Education to the latest developments. 
Contributors should make it clear when submitting materials that they are intended for the themed issue ‘Pr actice-based Research in Art and Design ’.
All enquiries should be addressed to the editor at 
Only online submissions will be accepted, please follow author guidelines at  

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