LADA Kickstarter Campaign
The Only Way Home Is Through the Show

The Live Art Development Agency, who co-publishes the Intellect Live series, has started a Kickstarter in support of their forthcoming book, The Only Way Home is Through the Show: The Performance Work of Lois Weaver.

Lois Weaver is one of the most important feminist and lesbian performance makers of the 20th and 21st centuries. This major publication is the first ever book about her work and her life.

LADA is inviting contributions to the making of this book, to help them produce the best possible record of Lois’s life and work, featuring as many wonderful and often previously unpublished photographs they can.

The book will be published in September 2015 as part of the series Intellect Live, co-produced by the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) and Intellect.

This crowdfunding campaign offers you the opportunity to support this book project – and to receive credit for doing so, plus perks. The funds will be used to enhance the book visually, allowing LADA and Intellect to include many more photographs, to achieve the quality of production that Lois’s life and works deserve, and to create a beautiful object for her fans and admirers to cherish. Co-publishers Intellect and LADA are financially supporting the book, but your contribution will help us produce an even better book, with higher production values and more images than would otherwise be possible.

To learn more about the book and find out how you can help to make the book the best it possibly can be click here.

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