Citizenship, Teaching & Learning
Call for papers
Deadline for submissions 17th October 2014
Melissa White
University of New Brunswick
Sarah King
University of New Brunswick
Submissions are invited for a special issue of CTL devoted to exploring citizenship in higher education. The idea that institutions of higher education are institutions of civic instruction is not new. In fact, it is an ancient idea that continues to resonate in our current construction of education. Some of the first examples of civic education can be found in the seat of democracy, Ancient Greece, where the concept of public education was created to ensure citizens could participate in a democratic society (Crittenden 2011). Civic instruction was both an implicit and an explicit outcome of the liberal foundation on which post-secondary education was built. However, in recent years, the influence of neoliberal ideology on post-secondary institutions has obscured such democratic aims as the focus on career preparation and economic prosperity has eclipsed service and engagement as the core goals of a university education. Unsurprisingly, recent research indicates that young people are democratically disengaged from their societies (Cairns 1993; Kymlicka & Norman 2000; Sears & Hyslop-Margison 2007), and that explicit civic instruction can help to combat this disengagement. However, much of that research is undertaken in the context of K-12 education. This special issue aims to highlight the higher education perspective on citizenship education and provide space for discussion of the civic purposes of higher education.
Papers on the theme of citizenship and higher education are invited (4,000–6,000 words and following the guidelines of this journal found at: The guest-editors will review the submissions and invite up to six authors to revise their papers for inclusion in the journal. 
Submissions are invited on a broad range of themes related to citizenship and higher education. 
Suggested themes include:
  • Current debates/issues related to citizenship and higher education.
  • Pedagogies of engagement and teaching and learning practices in citizenship and higher education.
  • Profiles of successful programmes incorporating citizenship into higher education.
  • Exploration of particular contributions made by individual scholars to the field of citizenship and higher education.
  • Comparative work exploring the practice of citizenship teaching and learning in higher education in various contexts.
  • Alternative perspectives and approaches to citizenship and higher education.
  • Discussion of research methodologies and approaches in the study of citizenship and higher education.
A total of six articles and a guest editorial will be included in the edition.
Call for papers – May 2014
Initial papers due – October 2014
Confirmation of Participation – 15 November 2014
Revised papers due – 1 January 2015
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