Call for Papers - Crime Uncovered: The Detective (edited by Barry Forshaw)


Intellect is currently looking for chapter contributions to The Detective, one of the first titles in a new book series examining character types in crime fiction. The Detective, edited by Barry Forshaw (author of Death in a Cold Climate [Palgrave Macmillan] and editor of British Crime Writing [Harcourt]), is an examination – and celebration – of the police detective throughout the long history of crime literature, TV and film, and will be looking to identify the individual characteristics that define these much loved characters and discuss how they relate to their surroundings, country and class – and the criminals they relentlessly pursue.
The book will be made up of three main elements: key protagonist case studies, author interviews and thematic essays on the detective in crime fiction.
As such potential authors are asked to contribute either:
·      essays that examine a chosen perspective on the global character type of the police detective as represented throughout the history of crime writing, film and television, or
·      essays on individual protagonists. These chapters will focus on one character and act as a case study of the character type in question. Please choose from one of the following police detectives to examine:
  • Commissaire Jules Maigret (Georges Simenon, France)
  • Commander Adam Dalgliesh (PD James, Great Britain)
  • Detective Martin Beck (Sjöwall & Wahlöö, Sweden)
  • Commissario Salvo Montalbano (Andrea Camilleri, Italy)
  • Detective Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly, USA)
  • Jefe Javier Falcon (Robert Wilson, Spain)
  • Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (Søren Sveistrup, Sweden)
  • Detective Inspector John Rebus (Ian Rankin, Scotland)
  • Commissaire Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg (Fred Vargas, France)
  • Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison (Lynda La Plante, Great      Britain)
  •  Detective Chief Inspector Van Veeteren (Håkan Nesser, Sweden
  • Detective Steve Carelli (Ed McBain, USA)
  •  Detective Inspector Saga Norén (Hans Rosenfeldt, Sweden/Denmark)
  • Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley (Elizabeth George, Great Britain)
  •  Detective Harry Hole (Jo Nesbo, Norway)
  • Detective Erlendur Sveinsson (Arnaldur Indriđason, Iceland)
Each case study will examine the protagonist through a filter of suggested topics that could include: Setting/location, plot structure, narrative techniques (used by the author to direct their protagonist), character background (and how this affects their general view on the world), methodology/procedure, personal philosophy and/or moral ‘code’, historical/political/social context in which they operate, fashion/style, props/gadgets, adaptation (changes that take place in the transition from the printed page to the screen), relationships/partners/sidekicks.
Essays should be approximately 4,000–4,500 words and written in an intelligent but jargon-free and accessible style that will appeal to the crime fiction fan and student, as well as the scholar.
If you would like to contribute to this title please contact the editor for more information:
Editor Biography:

Barry Forshaw writes on crime fiction and film for various newspapers and edits Crime Time. His books include Nordic Noir, British Crime Film and Death in a Cold Climate. Other work: British Gothic Cinema, Euro Noir, the HRF Keating Award-winning British Crime Writing, The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction and Italian Cinema. He has been Vice Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association, and teaches a City University MA course on the history of crime fiction.

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