Call for Papers: Contemporary Scandinavian Documentary Cinema

Documentary cinema in the Nordic countries has traditionally navigated an in-between space between the resources and demands of national broadcasting companies and the stylistic experimentation of its filmmakers. During the past decades, global changes in financing structures, distribution mechanisms and exhibition sites have changed both national broadcasting and filmmaking practices, thus opening up questions about the shape of small nation documentary film cultures as well as specific transitions in Scandinavian documentary cinema.  

This special issue of Journal of Scandinavian Cinema brings together – for the first time – scholarship on the institutional frameworks, political struggles and artistic practices of Scandinavian documentary cinema. Although our main focus is on developments and trends that have taken place since the 1990s, we warmly welcome contributions that reflect on the historical background of contemporary conditions. The overall aim is to illuminate the specificities of Scandinavian documentary cultures with an emphasis on their entanglement with transnational models of production, modes of address and distribution.

We especially, but not exclusively, encourage contributions on the following topics and approaches:

-    Broadcasting history, theatre distribution, film festivals
-    Documentary genres, modes of address, and authorship
-    Experiments in style, production and exhibition
-    Transnational production and the commemoration of national histories
-    International success and national film cultures
-    Collaboration and networking in Nordic documentary cinema
-    Negotiation of national and Nordic identities in documentary representation

Please submit an abstract of 250–300 words for Short subjects (2000 words) or Feature articles (6000 words) before 15 September 2015 to the Special Issue editors, Ilona Hongisto (, Bill Nichols and Malin Wahlberg (, together with a brief bio and select references. Final submissions are due on 1 February 2016. Only submissions that follow Journal of Scandinavian Cinema’s Notes for contributors will be accepted.
For general information or questions regarding Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, please contact primary editor Anders Marklund (, editors Gunnar Iversen and Andrew Nestingen, or managing editor Rochelle Wright.

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