Metal Music Studies - call for papers deadlines

Metal Music Studies announces 2016 deadlines and explains how submissions work

Metal Music Studies is pleased to announce the deadlines for the journal’s three issues in Volume Two, which will be published in 2016. The deadlines are Thursday 10 September 2015 for 2.1, Thursday 10 December 2015 for issue 2.2, and 10 March 2016 for issue 2.3. As issue 2.3 is a special issue, the deadline applied for short articles and reviews only. The deadlines for 2.1 and 2.2 apply to anything anyone might want to submit, so long as it is within the guidelines for the journal.
“These are the deadlines that people need to aim for if they want to be sure they get their submissions reviewed, accepted and published in those issues,” explained Karl Spracklen, Principal Editor of Metal Music Studies. “But you can submit something to us at ANY TIME. Earlier discussions make your life easier. Please contact me and I will guide you through the process.”
Karl Spracklen, principal editor of MMS:
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