Call for Papers: Punk & Post-Punk, volume 4, 2015.

Punk & Post-Punk is working on an issue dedicated to the interface that exists between religion and punk. We are keen to secure articles that look deeply into this contested area, that go beyond the accepted binary correlation.

We are particularly interested in the following:
- Any article that traces links/interactions between established and non-established relgions and documented punk reactions to those.
- Explorations of the concept of spirituality within a punk context.
- Specific case studies regarding particular bands with known or subtextual affiliations to religous thought.
- Explorations of the philosphical values of punk 'atheism' or contextualisation of antagonism towards accepted religious frameworks
- Discussion of matters including gender politics and ethnicity which collide with expecations of either in connection with religion.
Articles should be between 6000 and 8000 words in length, including keywords, full references, bibliography and an abstract of no more than 300 words detailing the key areas of investigation, supplemented with colour images, which are at least 300 dpi. Given the scope and breadth of the topics listed above, authors are kindly asked that their contributions be accessible to the non-specialist reader whilst retaining all of the requirements of academic rigour. Endnotes should appear at the end of the article, and works cited listed in alphabetical, then chronological order in a separate 'References' section, also at the end of the article. Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word .doc/.docx format ONLY via e-mail attachments to the editors, Dr Philip Kiscely, at Manuscripts should be formatted according to Harvard Style guidelines (full guide available at  

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