Intellect Design Week - Free Visual Arts Issues
To celebrate Intellect Design Week we are delighted to announce we are now providing online access to the below journal issues free of charge. The full issues can be downloaded for free via IngentaConnect. We hope you enjoy reading them.

International Journal of Islamic Architecture 3.1
This journal is intended for those interested in urban design and planning, architecture, and landscape design in the historic Islamic world, but also the more recent geographies of Islam in its global dimensions. Articles in this issue include Farshid Emami's analysis of the planning of a new urban centre of Tehran, Saima Akhtar's discussion of architecture as collection exploring Doris Dukes' collection of Islamic art objects and Nader Ardalan's essay examining the move towards sustainable urbanism in the Persian Gulf.
Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education 13.1
Focusing on arts and media-based subjects, and encompassing all areas of higher education, this journal reveals the potential value of new educational styles and creative teaching methods. This free issue includes Nicholas Houghton's case study of two pioneering art schools, Marek Wasilewski's analysis of arts education in Poland and Dean Hughes's research article looking to provide an alternate account of creative pedagogy to the predominant view.  
Book 2.0 4.1&2 
Book 2.0 publishes articles and reviews on developments in book creation and design. Selected articles from this double issue are available to download free of charge including Pavel Kat's article exploring digital publishing as the great leveller, Alan Macfarlane's examination of the multimedia book and Bernard Robin and Sara McNeil's article discussing the benefits and challenges associated with the collaborative design, development and evaluation of real-world projects with community stakeholders serving as clients. 
Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art 3.1
This journal is a medium for engaging the rich and multifaceted process of learning and teaching art that takes place in the classroom, studio, and beyond. This issue includes Roshanak Keyghobadi's article focusing on the visual response of a contemporary Iranian artist to a painting by a Renaissance Italian artist, Theresa Alo's article examining the benefit of the inclusion of the arts in all students' education and Martha Christopoulou's case study exploring how primary-age children engaged in a drawing-telling project to represent their understandings of the Greek financial crisis.
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Journal of Curatorial Studies 3.1
This journal explores the cultural functioning of curating. This issue includes Margot Bouman's article discussing postproduction, video installation and Christian Marclay's The Clock, Vanessa Rocco's article which aims to demonstrate how the exhibition form and content created a powerful dialectic in the Exhibition of the Building Workers Unions (Berlin, 1931) and Amanda H. Hellman's article examining the processes by which European museum standards were translated to colonial-era African museums and how early Nigerian museums were both an extension of and departure from the way British museums were used for social and political purposes.
Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty 5.1

This journal is dedicated to the critical examination of the fashion and the beauty systems as symbolic spaces of production and reproduction and representation of artifacts, meanings, social practices, and visual or textual renditions of cloth, clothing and appearance. This issue includes Naomi Braithwaite's ethnographic study of contemporary British women's shoe designers that explored what creativity in shoe design entails, Helen Holmes's article seeking to explore the changeable materiality of hair and Alison Slater's article considering materiality in relation to memories of dress and explores why women remember the materiality of clothes they no longer wear or even no longer own. 
Other Visual Arts issues now available for free from Intellect:

Studies in Comics 5.1 

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