JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students 1.2

Intellect is delighted to announce the new release of JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students 1.2 is a compilation of the best arts research and writing by current MA students and first year graduates. Capturing the contemporary themes and trends in arts research today, JAWS is peer-reviewed and edited by students, for students; promoting the autodidactic attitude and inherent curiosity that is required for post graduate, career or personal research development with or without practice.

List of articles (partial list):

The need for space in art practice
Author: Solomons, Ruth

The article looks at practices that exemplify the artist’s need for space, in relation to: spaces in which artworks are produced, stored and distributed; the depicted studio; occupations which deny headspace; and gendered containment of domestic space.

Framing the City 
Author: Brueton, Camilla

Framing the City is a visual essay that reflects on the construction of images and the fabric of place. Combining original collages and writing by Camilla Brueton with quotes from theorists and artists who influence her, it presents the city as a living collage.

Beyond deconstruction: Desire in postmodern American appropriation art 
Author: Vranou, Sofia

This is an article about the Pictures Generation, the way postmodernism was initially theorized, and deconstructed, and the notion of desire through the analysis of significant artworks of that period.

Factory of the self
Author: Hilton, Jed

Jed Hilton argues that society is only understood through the language and techniques of the computer and has had a lasting effect on art and society. 

Memory and Place: Sketchbook reflection 
Author: Black, Matt

Two different types of drawing mediums and their ability to capture the nature of time and memory are compared and contrasted in this article.

For the full list of articles please click on the link below

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