Journal of Illustration 2.1 now available

Intellect is delighted to announce the new release of Journal of Illustration 2.1. This journal provides an international forum for scholarly research and investigation of a range of cultural, political, philosophical, historical, and contemporary issues, in relation to illustration.

List of articles (partial list):

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Knowledge by design: Celedonio de Arce’s nature prints, between evidence and representation 
pp. 7-29(23) 
Author: Luxenberg, Alisa

This article examines the unusual project announced in 1777 by the Spanish sculptor Celedonio Nicolás de Arce y Cacho (1739−1795) to ‘print from nature all kinds of botanical leaves without the use of plates’. 

A sketch of the universe – the visual influences of D’Arcy Thompson’s On Growth and Form 
pp. 31-50(20) 
Author: Jarron, Matthew

This article discusses the origins and context of these iconic images, exploring D’Arcy Thompson’s own artistic and scientific interests, the long development of his controversial theories and the other collaborators involved, including illustrators Doris MacKinnon and Helen Ogilvie.

Defying the limits of the plane: Two-dimensional space and its consequences in the search for the order of nature 
pp. 51-73(23) 
Author: Grüninger, Paloma López

This article will show that the transition from the scala naturae to maplike or treelike structures cannot be seen exclusively as proof of an intellectual transition, as a succession of abstract ideas, but as creative attempts to solve specific spatial problems imposed by the realm of the visual.

Picturing the creation of the world: The cosmogenic illustrations of Buffon’s Natural History of the Earth (1749–1785) 
pp. 75-91(17) 
Author: Roche, Lucile

This article will focus on the variety of outlooks the illustrations provide on the ground-breaking cosmogenic theory imagined by Buffon, and will particularly examine the extent to which they comply with the eighteenth-century ‘rationalization’ of the Genesis narrative.

The twentieth-century Livre d’Artiste: The greatest challenge to the text–image hierarchy of French book illustration? 
pp. 93-108(16) 
Author: Pullen, Celia

This article explores the challenge presented by the twentieth-century French Livre d’Artiste to the text–image hierarchy of French book illustration. 

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