International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.2 available now

Intellect is delighted to announce that the International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.2 is out now. This journal fosters the worldwide diffusion of Fashion Studies and contributes to a field of research that has been producing an extensive repertoire of theories, analyses and enquiries.

Articles include (partial list):

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Models wearing Balenciaga in the fashion press: A comparative study 
pp. 203-223(21) 
Author: Balda Arana, Ana

This article analyses to what extent Cristóbal Balenciaga’s 1956 censure of the fashion press affected the subsequent coverage of his creations in major fashion magazines. 

An ethnographic study of glocal fashion communication in Hong Kong and Greater China
pp. 245-266(22) 
Author: Tse, Ho-Lun Tommy

For this article recent case studies of socio-historical, economic and cultural influences in the Greater China region were revisited applying communication, media and cultural studies theories.

Pier Paolo Pasolini and the construction of masculinity in Italian fashion 
pp. 267-285(19) 
Author: Colaiacomo, Paola

In this article, the study of fashion is engaged in from a transdisciplinary perspective, at the crossroads of fashion and literature. 

Perfume as an interpretive key to the Song of Songs
pp. 287-304(18) 
Author: Yaar, Dana Keren

The Song of Songs is a biblical text filled with the names of perfumes and, in terms of form, it is infused with ambiguity, vagueness and loose connections. The article suggests that perfume is an essential element in the biblical text.

Children and how they came into fashion on printed textiles between 1770 and 1840 
pp. 225-244(20) 
Author: Gril-Mariotte, Aziza

This article explores how the idea of childhood was spread via the fabrics designed to persuade the biggest number of buyers to choose them for their interiors, and how in the nineteenth century, these designs promoted a real dialogue centred on the child.

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