Call for Papers: Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture

Volume 7, Issue 3 (7.3), Fall 2016:

Chinese Media Histories, from the telegraph to the Internet.

Guest Editors:

- Gabriele BALBI, USI-Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland)

- Changfeng CHEN, Tsinghua University (China)

- Jing WU, Peking University (China)

Media history has largely focused on North American and single European countries’ media and, among them, especially on the history of broadcasting. This special issue aims to enlarge media history under two perspectives. Geographically, it aims to enlarge “classic” borders focusing on China and it would like to reconstruct the development, the role, and the controversies of Chinese media over time. Temporally, starting from the 19th century, this issue adopts a longue durée approach and, besides broadcasting, aims to integrate communication technologies such as printing press, telegraphy, telephony, photography, movie industry, digital media, and other media. This would help to enlarge classic media history into plural media histories and to bring attention to complex interrelationships between media and modernization process in China since the 19th century.

Articles for this special issue ‘Chinese Media History’ could, for example, address the following ideas:

- Which are the “constitutive choices” (Star 2004) that built Chinese media systems?

- Which was the impact of Western technologies and polices over the development of Chinese media system?

- How did new media technologies, institutions and practices influence the process of modernization in China’s social, cultural and political life?

- Which is the role of Chinese media history in the international media history? To what extent the history of Chinese media system differs from Western ones?

- How can history help in better understanding the media in China today?

Contributors can come from a wide range of disciplines: media and communication studies, telecommunications, political economy, political sciences, cultural studies, social history, geography of communication, and others. The three editors would like to collect papers broad in theoretical analysis and even informative in empirical case studies, in order to provide to European readership a comprehensive and maybe didactical issue on the development of the media in China in the last two centuries. Papers will be also selected with this scope in mind.

Submissions of no more than 7.000 words in length are to be original, scholarly manuscripts formatted according to Intellect House Style guidelines (

Notes should appear as endnotes and cited works listed in alphabetical, then chronological, order in a separate ‘References’ section at the end of the article. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word .doc/.docx format ONLY and sent as e-mail attachments to the guest editors, at

All inquiries should also be addressed to Professor Balbi at


- abstracts of 250 words can be submitted until 15 December 2015

- accepted authors will have to submit the full papers by 15 April 2016

- the issue is scheduled for publication in Autumn 2016.

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