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CALL FOR PAPERS Volume 14:1 northern spring 2016

With Volume 14:1, editors Mia Lindgren and Michele Hilmes announce the relaunch of The Radio Journal. Along with regular submissions, we will include a SPECIAL SECTION ON PODCASTING.

Digital platforms have transformed the world of radio, no single technology more so than podcasting. Now an essential part of broadcast radio, as well as a thriving art form in its own right, podcasts challenge traditional radio structures, forms, genres, production methods, and listening cultures as much as they also extend and shore up the radio medium. Whereas much has been written about podcasts in online blogs and mainstream media, scholarly work about the genre and form is still emerging, as highlighted by Bonini’s (2015) recent review of the literature. The Radio Journal invites scholarly work exploring and investigating the podcast (r)evolution from multiple perspectives:

-- How can we understand podcasting in relation to radio?

-- What makes an excellent podcast?

-- What methods can we use to study podcasting?

-- Who is producing innovative podcasting work, where and how?

-- Is podcasting radio? Or not?

The Radio Journal is a double blind peer reviewed journal. We look for articles that explore the production, circulation and reception of radio and creative soundwork, and encourage a wide range of international and interdisciplinary perspectives on both historical and contemporary issues in sound-based journalism and media studies. See our website for more information. 

Scholars around the world are invited to submit original articles of 6000–8000 words (including notes and references – but not including the author biography, keywords or abstract), following Intellect style guidelines.

Deadline: 1 February 2016

Articles including a brief abstract (approx. 200 words) and 6 – 8 keywords should be submitted to Please include a separate cover page with: article title; author’s name and affiliation; author’s biography (100–200 words); and author’s institutional postal and email address. No identifying information should appear on any other pages of the article, to aid in the blind review process.

Bonini, T. (2015). The ‘Second Age’ of Podcasting: reframing Podcasting as a New Digital Mass Medium.Quaderns del CAC 41, 18 (July), 21-30

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